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Drew Murray
“Really enjoyed this event last, and I’m looking forward to it already in 2013. Plus the food alone after is an incentive to do it!! “
John O’Neill
“Great run today on The Tour Of The Orchard County. A very well run events marshals on nearly every junction, loads of food, gels power bars etc at the food stops. BQ at the finish, medal and goodie bag for all finishers. Brilliant event.”
Wilson McAlister 
“Great event in 2012, well marshalled, and run. Good feeding stations, and a BBQ at end. Looking forward to doing this again.”
Conal Hamill
“Great event, well organised, marshalled and sponsored. Well done to all involved. Looking forward to next year already.”
Kevin Vallely
“Organisation of route and food stops was excellent.ILL B BACK !!”
Aaron Hanthorn
“Best event I’ve been to in ages. Really well done to the organisers great job. Roll on next year.”
Colin Williamson
“Great day out and the sunshine even made an appearance, a very well organised and run event, sign me up for nxt year.”
Sean McIntyre
‎”Tour of the Orchard County very well organised event. Thanks to all involved in running and marshalling, and a few pounds raised for a good cause.”
Wesley Henderson
“Excellent event today folks, well organised, good food stops and a cracking lunch, will be recommending it to the club next year :)”
Anna Mckay
“Excellent tour for a very worthy cause, challenging and enjoyable route around the Orchard County. Well done!”
Julie Arthur
“Great event. Well done to the organisers for a job well done. You even managed to secure reasonable weather for the day! Looking forward to the next one :)”
Colin Gamble
“As a first timer would like to echo previous posts.. a well organied event (58km was enough for me) a good cause.. will be back next year”
David Morgan
“Really enjoyed the run today. For a first time from the organisers, I have to say yous done a very good job. The stops along the route were excellent and there was plenty if food, fruit, drinks and nutritions to go round. I will definitely be back next year. Well done and a special thankyou to all the staff for their excellent work. This run can only go from strength to strength.”

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